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Audi Maintenance & Repair

Audi Repair in Unionville, CT

Your Audi probably represents a substantial investment to you, and we understand that. You can realize a very good return on your investment by getting 200,000 reliable miles from your Audi; we would like to help you do that.

Your Audi Repair Shop

At Tunxis Service Center we keep track of the services and repairs you have us perform on your car, and we advise you of any necessary upcoming services. All products and procedures we use meet or exceed Audi requirements.

Sometimes problems with your Audi may be a pattern failure; these are problems other and similar cars have also experienced. At Tunxis Service Center, we subscribe to international websites that help us identify and correct these problems quickly, to save you money.

Some of our Audi services include:

We think you will find doing business with Tunxis Service Center refreshing. You won't be treated as just the next person in line, because we respect each and every one of our customers.

Feel free to stop by to talk or tour our facility.

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Tunxis Service Center

The staff at Tunxis Service Center feels a duty to keep our customers informed about their automotive needs. We recommend following the maintenance intervals outlined in your owner’s manual.

When we service a vehicle, we inspect it for potential problems or maintenance needs. Our customers will then have the information they need, in a prioritized list, so they can make a fully informed decision.

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