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BMW Repair

BMW Repair in Unionville, CT

Some of our customers regard their BMW as a comfortable vehicle for transportation. To many it's the toy they have wanted for some time, and to others it is an old family friend.

We are honored so many rely on us at Tunxis Service Center to maintain and repair their BMW, whether it's a tool, toy or family friend.

Professional BMW Repairs

Pat, Tyler, and Mark consider advanced training key to their successful careers as Master Technicians. We all attend intensive seminars regularly. The topics range from BMW module coding and programming to specific maintenance needs and pattern failures. We always value an opportunity to exchange diagnosis and repair experiences with other accomplished men and women in the field.

Some of our BMW services include:

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Tunxis Service Center

The staff at Tunxis Service Center feels a duty to keep our customers informed about their automotive needs. We recommend following the maintenance intervals outlined in your owner’s manual.

When we service a vehicle, we inspect it for potential problems or maintenance needs. Our customers will then have the information they need, in a prioritized list, so they can make a fully informed decision.

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